Bandage Manufacturers

Buying supplies is never easy.  There are so many choices, options and prices that it can quickly become overwhelming and frustrating if you aren’t working with the right company.  All bandage manufacturers advertise their selection and prices, but how many of them really live up to their claims?  To make sure you’re getting your wound care dressings and supplies from the right manufacturer, it pays to ask a few simple but pertinent questions right from the start.

Getting The Best Selection Of Bandages In Stock

Ask your bandage manufacturers these questions – do they have both sterile and non-sterile bandages?  Do they sell bandages with a variety of materials, including elastic/stretch, conforming bandages, pressure and plastic adhesive bandages?  Are they able to supply bandages for unique needs such as triangular bandages or perforated gauze dressings?  And perhaps most importantly, are the wound care items you need consistently in stock and delivered on time?  Not all bandage manufacturers can step up to the plate and confidently say that they offer this kind of variety.  They’re hoping by marketing their “cheap” prices, you’ll overlook the fact that most of what you need never seems to be in stock when you go to place an order.

Are The Bandages Made From Quality Materials?

Cheap bandage manufacturers use cheap materials that stick to wounds, or are so tight and sticky that sweat, dead skin and other natural gunk (and the potential for infection) tends to build up under the wound while it’s trying to heal.  The best manufacturers will use only premium materials that aid in the natural healing process while speeding recovery by letting the body do what it does best.  Ideally, bandages are both breathable and complete – meaning they cover the wound precisely and exactly, without a lot of needless waste.   Last, but certainly not least, top bandage manufacturers will carry bandages in a large assortment of materials – including plastic, fabric, transparent and adhesive, so that you can pick and choose those types that are most needed by your patients.

Can You Take Advantage Of Bulk Pricing?

The best bandage manufacturers let you keep the savings in your pocket by allowing you to order in bulk.  While every bandage should be gas sterilized and sealed (and yet made for easy opening in an emergency), being able to buy bandages in bulk can save you and your practice or hospital money, which can in turn be used to purchase other equipment, devices or supplies.  Remember, when buying bandages – the lowest price isn’t always the best deal.  Keeping your patients healthy while providing the proper medical care and dressings is crucial to a full and satisfactory recovery.  What some bandage manufacturers claim you’ll save now could easily be spent later in terms of more advanced wound care – including harsh antibiotics or even surgery.

Take steps now to make sure you’re working with the right bandage manufacturers for your unique needs by asking them these crucial questions (and noting their answers) – today!