Cohesive Bandage Manufacturer

When purchasing medical supplies for wound and muscle care, choosing the right bandage manufacturer is critical to overall patient satisfaction and quality of care.  In the case of buying from a cohesive bandage manufacturer, oftentimes the wounds being treated are critical or the bandages are needed for special uses, such as pediatric or geriatric care.  With that being said, not all manufacturers are created equal – which is why you’ll want to look for the following features when ordering online.

Product Line And Availability

Cohesive bandages should provide controlled compression and not slip or constrict in any way.  Having ample amounts of product available including a variety of colors, sizes and other options such as hypoallergenic bandages for patients who may be allergic to the latex found in conventional wound dressings.   Discuss your precise needs with your cohesive bandage manufacturer.  If you’re looking for bandages that will tear (from themselves) easily but stay adhered to the skin to provide added compression or safety – let the manufacturer know and they will be able to deliver accordingly.

Cohesive Bandages For Prolonged Wear

One of the major benefits of cohesive bandages is that they stick to themselves, but not to the patient’s tender skin.  Contrast this with regular adhesive bandages which stick to anything – and as you might have realized, includes hair follicles on the skin!  Cohesive bandages only stick to their unique material which proves as an excellent compression aid or to prevent very young or very old patients from inadvertently tearing equipment, such as IVs from themselves.  With this in mind, cohesive bandage manufacturers have created these bandages for lasting wear and comfort.  They won’t irritate skin the way latex or restrictive bandages can and are both comfortable and light weight.

The Exact Bandage For Every Need

Beyond wound care, cohesive bandages are finding new applications all the time in both preventative and emergency uses.  First responders and emergency rooms often use them to help stabilize other wound dressings or medical devices while geriatric care homes use them to help keep ice or heat packs in place.  Having the right compression bandage on hand is something no physician or emergency room doctor wants to stop and think about when the need is urgent.  That’s why the right cohesive bandage manufacturer has a variety of bandages for even the most demanding and urgent care.

Multiple Colors, Sizes And Bulk Pricing

When buying cohesive bandages, you can choose from a variety of colors and patterns (great for kids!) as well as both sterile and non-sterile dressings for wound care and treatment.  Pre-perforated, hand-tear cohesive bandages are available and bulk compression bandage prices make getting must have medical supplies even easier.  So when choosing a cohesive bandage manufacturer, keep these points in mind – you don’t have to sacrifice service or selection in order to save money while keeping patients healthy and strong.   Buying from the right cohesive bandage manufacturer can make all the difference while delivering results you can rely on.